'Easier for supporters': NC State NIL collectives merge under One Pack

'Easier for supporters': NC State NIL collectives merge under One Pack

NC State's new 1PACK NIL Collective launched Tuesday. Pack of Wolves is no longer and Savage Wolves becomes the football-only collective within the broader 1Pack collective.

The next time a NC State coach calls for Wolfpack supporters to back their favorite program — as football coach Dave Doeren did in the wake of the Wolfpack's victory over UNC — it should be easier for fans to know where to give.
NC State's two name, image and likeness collectives, Pack of Wolves NIL Collective and Savage Wolves, are merging into one organization: One Pack NIL Collective.

The move has been in the works for more than six months.

"It makes it a lot easier for supporters of NC State to understand," said Chris Vurnakes, the general manager of Pack of Wolves who have the same role with One Pack. "The main question I've gotten is, 'Why are there two collectives supporting NC State?' It will all be under the umbrella of One Pack. All of our coaches will be supporting 1Pack. It makes our donors more likely to support our collective efforts."

The leadership of Pack of Wolves and Savage Wolves will remain in the new group. Savage Wolves will be the football brand under One Pack and its leadership, including founder Tom Livolsi, will take positions with 1Pack.

"What this does is conglomerates all of the NIL fulfillment efforts now into one," Vurnakes told WRAL. "The volunteers who have led Savage Wolves are now able to pass a lot of that administrative task over to Blueprint Sports."

Blueprint Sports manages the Pack of Wolves collective.

“The creation of One Pack NIL will bring even more opportunities to our talented and deserving student-athletes,” NC State athletic director Boo Corrigan said in a statement. “Having all NIL opportunities under one roof will make it easier for supporters, fans and alumni to learn about all the ways they can support Wolfpack student-athletes and help the succeed in this new era of collegiate athletics.”

Doeren's call
Doeren called for a "financial commitment" from fans after NC State's regular-season ending victory against the Tar Heels.

"For all you folks that want us to keep winning, I would tell you to get on Savage Wolves, find that link," Doeren said in his post-game remarks.

"I’d love to see 5,000 people donate $1,000 to our NIL and get us to a point where we can recruit, retain and develop and have a program in the NIL world where the guys on our roster are able to benefit from that."

Vurnakes said the collectives have taken in well over six figures combined since Doeren's comments on Nov. 25. Those funds will go to 1Pack and anything donated to Savage Wolves will be used for football.

Weeks after Doeren's call out, Savage Wolves announced an agreement with wide receiver KC Concepcion to keep him with the program. Savage Wolves has announced several other football players have signed with the collective in recent weeks.
Though not how they was originally intended, NIL agreements have become a key way for programs to keep players from transferring and to attract others into programs, including high school recruits and college transfers.

NC State's incoming transfer class, which includes quarterback Grayson McCall (Coastal Carolina) and wide receiver Noah Rogers (Ohio State), is ranked No. 7 by On3.

Pack of Wolves previously promised that every scholarship football player would be eligible for at least $25,000 during the 2023 season through charitable works.
"The merger of the collectives to one super collective really positions us the best we can for NC State and what we’re trying to achieve in Raleigh," Vurnakes said.

One Pack will allow fans or donors to designate what sport they'd like to support, if they choose. The collective is hosting an event for the NC State baseball team on Jan. 18. Pack of Wolves previously did an event for the Wolfpack wrestling program.

"The mission of One Pack is to grow the impact we have across campus and not just with any individual program," Vurnakes said.

One Pack offers six different membership tiers, ranging from $10 per month (Strutting Wolf) to $500 per month (Legacy). The top level includes lunch or dinner with an athlete and an invitation to closed practices among other items.

There are several membership tiers for Savage Wolves, which offers members access to auctions, raffles, player experiences, tours of NC State football facilities, t-shirts, stickers, a newsletter and exclusive content from athletes.

“Savage Wolves, as part of the new One Pack NIL Collective, will continue to offer NC State football fans and supporters incredible access and unforgettable experiences,” Livolsi said in a statement. “There’s no other fan base in the country that is more deserving of success, and I think this is the opportunity for our fan base to be a part of it through NIL.”


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